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Folder Rules

:bulletred: Animations- this folder is for SWFs and GIFs ONLY
:bulletblue: Birthdays- this is for any type of birthday, OC's, people that you're a fan of, ect.
:bulletyellow: Comics- if you get this wrong you need help. the comic folder is for comics
:bulletgreen: Download- this is for things that are up for download as y ou can tell
:bulletpurple: Links to Vid- this is for the videos that AREN'T animations and that have a link to the youtube, niconicodouga, or any other video viewing sites for the video
:bulletwhite: Holiday Requests- this one is for the requests that are posted in the group's blog for the holidays, nothing else
:bulletblack: Memes- for memes... again if you get that wrong you need help. bios are included in the meme folder if you use bio sheets made by someone else
:bulletgreen: MMD OCs- for newcomers that you had made and even if it's not a newcomer you can still put the picture in this folder
:bulletyellow: More Than One- for any picture that has multiple people
:bulletred: Pairings- they don't HAVE to be couples they can be crack pairings, fan pairings, bad pairings, official couples, it can even be a picture submitted that is just a rant about a pairing
:bulletblue: Poses- this is for the ones where you can download the poses not just a picture with a model in a pose, it MUST have the pose or poses downloadable
:bulletpurple: Single- for any pictures that contain only ONE model (Single 2 is the overflow folder)
:bulletwhite: Stamps and Icons- AGAIN if you get this wrong you need help
:bulletgreen: Tutorial- this is for asking for a tutorial and posting the tutorial itself
:bulletblack: WIP- a.k.a. Work In Progress this is just for the things that you might need help on or if you just want to show off how the thing you're working on looks so far

Gallery Folders

Ten thousand star [HD Black vers] by ShootingStarBlue
Alright, alright! by Nessa-sama
Multi-ship Challenge! by tsun-derella
Magic Show by RaikuHoshigami
IStillHaven'tFoundWhatI'mLookingFor [Motion DL] by Teal-Eri
Addiction - Cynthia by Ethan-LeonDiablos
Tokiwo Funka - Iris by Ethan-LeonDiablos
MMD - Piccolo vs. Android 17 by CogetaCats
Izz mah birthday! by EilaKasai
Double Bdaaay by Fujiwara-no-Moko
Happy birthday Crownprince! by EilaKasai
[MMD Comic] Show Me Your Dance Moves by Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
Double-Sided: Prologue Page 3 by RoyalFeline
Double-Sided: Prologue Page 2 by RoyalFeline
Double-Sided: Prologue Page 1 by RoyalFeline
the 80s pack by blackkpvp
Merry Unknown Xmas and New Year! 400+Watchers Gift by Ethan-LeonDiablos
TDA Casual Luka Megurine [DOWNLOAD] by Shiro-NekoVocaloid
TDA Casual Teto Kasane [DOWNLOAD] by Shiro-NekoVocaloid
Links to Vid
~Video|Work Meme~ by ll-StarDreameR-ll
~Video|Bodyache~ by ll-StarDreameR-ll
MMD Christmas Caramelldansen video by Teal-Eri
Apple Pie - HDN by Ethan-LeonDiablos
Holiday Requests
[MMD Request] Model Billy the puppet (Jigsaw Doll) by KanadeMori
Toshinden-fanclub Request 2 by Ethan-LeonDiablos
Happy New Year!!! by WhiteDemon499
Tomorrow is Christmas! by DasChui
T-Pose Princess by RebelDollX
Weeaboo Democracy by RebelDollX
[MMD] TRUE STORY- [Click on the Image for HD] by Shiro-NekoVocaloid
Screenshot Meme 4 by Ethan-LeonDiablos
MMD - a terrible day by CogetaCats

Mature Content

MMD - Akira by CogetaCats
Arashi wo yobe! - TENRAIOH by RaikuHoshigami
~Umereii-Chan~ by ll-StarDreameR-ll
More than one
today I'm going to roll too by blackkpvp
Yoshi, the Luma Magnet by Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
Two Legends Meet by Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
Problem with Red by Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
[MMD DL] TDA + WYKP Qipao Amy by Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
I love you my Senpai by Mk513
[MMD+M3 Pose] Miku Handgun Pose + DL by The-Horrible-Mu
Sim Date
[Vocaboy Dating Sim PREVIEW] Like and Dislike by Vocaloid39
MMD Lucoa by JohnCena0453
Single 2
MMD Pooh On Steroid by JohnCena0453
Stamps and Icons
[STAMP] SeeU x ZeeU by Shiro-NekoVocaloid
Generating bodies and joints under a minute[GUIDE] by DeadlyNeurot0xin
red fish princess by Eliciias







The 'Single' folder is full so please submit any photos that would go in that folder into 'Singles (2)'
thanks that's all
if you submit a picture and you dont see it posted in the group that's because it has to get approved first and we dont sit at our computers all day waiting for submissions we are busy so they pile up a bit
so there's no need to resubmit it because we did get it we just didnt get to approvals yet
~your founder MissDoodlez
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This group is for MikuMikuDance users that love it!
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Hi guys! so i have a youtube glitch with one of my videos, and the only way to fix it is for you all to watch 30 seconds ( at least ) of my video.
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plz help me out ^__^  video here -
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PuppyMintMocha Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
I downloaded a model of a dragon someone made, but when I loaded it onto MMD, and it was completely white. The colors show in PMD. So I updated to the newest version of MMD. But now when I try to open the model on MMD, MMD crashes! Anyone know what's going on and how I can fix it?
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